The Mulholland Consulting Group, LLC offers a variety of services, which include: Corporate Training, Leadership Development, and Organizational Development Consulting.

Corporate Training


Santor provides training for the following topics, and can customize to your organization's needs:

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder Workshop

  • Generational Friction 

  • Generation Z at Work

  • Leadership 101 for First-Time Managers

  • Conflict in the Workplace

  • Productivity 101



Rather than focusing only on top executives, Santor provides coaching for ALL employees, including the following skills:

  • Soft Skills (Communication, Teamwork, Networking, etc.)

  • Leadership (entry-level managers, directors, and executives)

  • Career Development

Organizational Development Consulting

Need help rolling out a new change development initiative or increasing employee engagement? We're here to help.  We provide organizational development consulting, which can include:

  • Change Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Workplace Culture

  • Streamlining Processes

Keynote Speaking Engagements
Generational Friction

This keynote presentation discusses the nuances of having four generations in the workplace and possible ways for us to co-exist.

Working with Generation Z

Yes, lookout Millennials, there's a new generation in town: Gen. Z! This keynote presentation will discuss the results of our Organization's Gen. Z Study about how Generation Z is different than previous generations and how they to prefer to work.

The Aspiring Executive

This presentation discusses the results of my study of how millennial leaders were able to rise through the corporate ranks so quickly, but more importantly, how they lead.

Cultural Differences in the Workplace

This presentation will discuss how different cultures communicate and lead, as well as other key soft skills involved in the workplace.  

  Speaking Engagements: